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Cytoreductive radical prostatectomy in metastatic prostate cancer: does it really make sense?

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World J Urol. No improvement noted in overall or cause-specific survival for men presenting with metastatic prostate cancer over a year period.

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Cancer ; — Surgical cytoreduction of the primary tumor reduces metastatic progression in a mouse model of prostate cancer. Oncol Rep. Prognostic impact of definitive local therapy of the primary tumor in men with metastatic prostate cancer at diagnosis: a population-based, propensity score analysis. Cancer Epidemiol. Surgery of the primary tumor in metastatic breast cancer: closing the barn door after the volume normale prostata ml has bolted?

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J Clin Oncol. Radical prostatectomy in men with oligometastatic prostate cancer: results of a single-institution series with long-term follow-up. Eur Urol.

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Radical cytoreductive prostatectomy in men with prostate cancer and oligometastatic disease. Curr Opin Urol.

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Radical prostatectomy in oligometastatic prostate cancer. Treatment of the primary tumor in metastatic prostate cancer: current concepts and future perspectives. Molecular subtypes and perspectives of targeted therapies in prostate cancer.

Tumor self-seeding by circulating cancer cells. Cell ; — Impact of the site of metastases on survival in patients with metastatic prostate cancer.

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Meta-analysis evaluating the impact of site of metastasis on overall survival in men with castration-resistant prostate cancer. Ann Oncol.

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Oligometastatic prostate cancer: definitions, clinical outcomes, and treatment considerations. Nat Rev Urol.

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Effect on survival of androgen deprivation therapy alone compared to androgen deprivation therapy combined with concurrent radiation therapy to the prostate in patients with primary bone metastatic prostate cancer in a prospective randomised clinical trial: data from the HORRAD trial.

Lancet ; — Local treatment for metastatic prostate cancer: a systematic review.

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Int J Urol. A multi-institutional analysis of perioperative outcomes in men who underwent radical prostatectomy for distant metastatic prostate cancer at presentation.

Cytoreductive radical prostatectomy in patients with prostate cancer and low volume skeletal metastases: results of a feasibility and case-control study. J Urol.

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